Dmitry Shedko, First Deputy Minister of Communications and Informatization of the Republic of Belarus, welcomed the guests on behalf of the Ministry of Communications and Informatization and wished the effective work for the participants.

Andrei Kosovsky, First Deputy Chairman of the State Committee for Science and Technology, in his greeting noted: “Each of our countries – both Belarus and Kazakhstan – has their own ways, though in many aspects they are similar, that’s why the experience of Kazakh partners is very interesting for us.”

Daryn Tuyakov, Vice-Minister of Information and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan, welcomed the guests and forum participants on behalf of the Ministry of Information and Communications of Kazakhstan and expressed gratitude to all those present for participating in the forum, which is important for the Belarusian-Kazakh relations.

The first speaker was Araylym Musaeva, head of the Department of Informatization. She made a report “Digital Kazakhstan”, which touched upon tax benefits, civil and labor law instruments (for example, options) to stimulate the activities of participants in IT projects, and visa regime preferences for foreigners. The speaker elaborated on the system of tax benefits and told about the creation of Astana Hub. “We are planning to create an environment that will allow young specialists to engage in IT projects freely,” said Arailym Musayeva.

Pavel Koktyshev, Deputy Chairman of the Board of JSC NIH Zerde, talked about Kazakhstan’s experience in the ICT field and delivered a report “Development of an Innovative Ecosystem – Astana Hub”. In particular, he described tax benefits for the residents of the Astana Hub, who are now passing the final stage of approval. According to Pavel Koktyshev, Astana Hub will open on July 5.

“On State Support for the Development of the National IT Industry of the Republic of Belarus” is the theme of the presentation by Ivan Zhiznevsky, Deputy Director of the Administration of the Hi-Tech Park. Ivan Zhiznevsky stressed: “The state made a bet on the potential that our country has. It was decided that the state would provide IT companies with jurisdiction, which will increase the efficiency of their work. HTP has a special legal regime: a company located anywhere in Belarus can be considered a resident of the HTP and receive appropriate benefits. Now more than 248 companies work in HTP.” Ivan Zhiznevsky also talked about the design of HTP and about the work with customers.

Anatoly Grishanovich, the main specialist of the Belarusian Innovation Fund, made a presentation “System of financial support for innovative entrepreneurship”. He spoke about the activities and development of the Belarusian Innovation Fund: “The main activities of the fund are the financing of projects and works, including innovative projects, the formation of innovative infrastructure, the development and creation of new financial mechanisms, the organization and participation in scientific and practical events and international cooperation”.

At the end of the event the speakers answered the questions of the forum guests. In particular, the audience were interested in the prospects of cooperation between Belarus, Kazakhstan and the CIS countries with the EU countries in the field of IT technologies.