The leaders of the round table were Dmitry Shedko, First Deputy Minister of Communications and Informatization of the Republic of Belarus, Alexey Lyakhnovich, Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Belarus, and Vladimir Mukvich, Deputy Minister for Taxes and Levies of the Republic of Belarus

The first speech was delivered by Yevgeny Yaushkin, head of the Electronic Resources Department of the Interdisciplinary Scientific and Practical Center for Identification and Electronic Business Systems of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. He spoke about the basic components of national and cross-border identification mechanisms, marking and traceability of goods in the context of implementing the digital agenda of the Eurasian Economic Union. He elaborated on the system of marking and traceability of goods and its benefits for citizens, businesses, state bodies and EEU. “Belarus has a good technical background for implementation of the tracking system,” said Yevgeny Yaushkin.

Yevgeny Lipen, Director of Sarpedon LLC, made a presentation “Cross-border trade using electronic exchange platforms: the Sarpedon case”. He provided the detailed story of his company and the reasons for the company’s entry into the Turkish market. Yevgeny Lipen also shared his opinion on current situation, why it is profitable not only to import Belarusian goods to Turkey, but also to export them from there.

“Data Integration as a driver of inter-sectoral and interstate development” is the topic of the report by Vladimir Molodykh, Director of Software Development and Implementation, CJSC Jet Infosystems. Jet Infosystems is ready to share our experience and help with our technical base,” said Vladimir Molodykh.

The CEO of Skycaster Micronics Inc. Zhang Guanghua was the next speaker. He focused on the navigation system “Beidou” and its possible use in the Belarusian market. He welcomed the guests and specialists and expressed his hope for fruitful cooperation. “We need revolutionary technology,” said Zhang Guanghua. Then he proceeded on the navigation system, describing the technical characteristics and principles of the product.

Sergey Tumel, Director of Modern Technologies of Trade LLC, touched upon the topic of data transfer and exchange and told about the experience of his company in the exchange of legally binding documents. Then the speaker explained the mechanism for the transfer and recognition of electronic documents. In conclusion, Sergei Tumel revealed the details of the pilot project between Belarus and Russia: “interstate commercial UZDO.”

Valery Virkovskiy, coordinator of the EU4Digital network: eTrade / eLogistics, , RUERE Software Applied Systems Institute followed with the presentation. He spoke about the building of digital transport corridors based on the two-level architecture of electronic logistics platforms. The speaker referred to the European digital transport and logistics forum held in 2015, comparing it with similar activities on the territory of the EEU. At the end of his speech Valery Vierkovsky told about the two-level architecture of the concept of the digital transport corridor.

Vladimir Padalitsa, Deputy Director General of JLLC TransRail-BC, focused on trade and transport corridors, the ways of their optimization and use. Vladimir Padalitsa touched upon the issue of developing a federal platform, which should unite all participants of trade processes. At the end of the speech he expressed his hope for a rapid implementation of these projects.