Thematic sections of the exhibition

Telecommunications and network infrastructure

Materials and technologies for design, construction and monitoring of network infrastructure

Mobile technologies. 5G

Data centers


Smart City and Smart Home technologies

Security systems and technologies (e-Security)

Computer-aided design and control systems

Television, multimedia and gaming technologies

Digital publishing and printing

Technological trends

Internet of Things, Industrial Internet of Things

Cloud technologies

Big data, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence

Machine learning

Business applications (ERP, CRM, ECM systems)

Project management tools

Security systems

Cyber-physical systems

Augmented and virtual reality

Blockchain, distributed computing

3D printing technologies

Social technology

Digital economy

Industrial production (Industry 4.0.)

Paperless trading systems (e-Trade)

Housing and communal services (Smart city)

Transport and logistics (Intelligent transport system)

Energy, petrochemistry (Smart grid)

Agriculture (e-Agriculture)

Science and Education (Science 2.0, Smart Learning)

Architecture and construction