A new digital communications platform “My City” was developed and presented by RUE “Beltelecom”

The main goal of the My City project is to increase the efficiency and speed of interaction with the urban ecosystem using digital technologies. Citizens will receive a modern way of communication in a variety of areas – from medicine and education to shopping and leisure
The Polotsk region was chosen as the launching pad for the project. The pilot version called “My Polotsk” has been successfully tested and implemented.

The application “My Polotsk” contains structured information by type of activity. There are 25 city services in total, which are divided into two blocks. The first one is “Organizations”: these are the Polotsk RIC, banks, healthcare, education, sports, transport and others. The second is “Rest”: tourism, trade, cafes and restaurants.

The application implements three modules of user interaction: online registration, online delivery, online payment.

More details about the “My City” project in an interview with Sergey Turomshi , Deputy General Director for Commercial Affairs of RUE “Beltelecom” .